Online Resources

First published on: 7th September 2021

Online Resources
Using Your Website as Your Business Resource Hub

Covid-19 may have moved the technological world forward a little quicker than some would have liked, but it’s fairly obvious it was coming, and indeed an online presence is becoming more and more important in how we interact and engage with people, whether staff members or potential new customers. Websites are a great way to provide people with up to date information about your business, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Are you utilising your website well when it comes to your resources?



Audio Files

Whether podcasts, songs, meeting notes, ensure none of your fans or employees miss out and have access to your content by uploading your audio to your site so it can be listened to out on a run, a drive or simply referenced for a later date. With both public and member pages available, you can make sure the right people see the right things.


Same goes for videos, which are fast becoming the more popular choice. A lot of people have begun streaming their interviews, meetings, or showcasing their work on YouTube which is a great way to store your videos whilst also potentially being stumbled upon if you include the relevant titles and references, and not just the date of the event. You can easily embed these videos onto your website.


Maybe you have a study guide, posters or flyers that can be printed and shared with the local community or shopfronts for coming events. You can link files to your website so they’re easily accessible.


Are you linked with any other Business? Do you support any charities? Do you partner with any organisations? Why not consider a webpage that links these things so people can get to know more about your Business in a broader sense, the things you’re involved with and links to reliable resources.

Might we encourage you to invest in your online presence, as it continues to become a useful tool in growth and the advancement of Businesses all over. Support is available to ensure you and your people are getting the most out of your site. 

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