I already have a church website address - can I keep this?
Yes you can keep your existing web address. 
If you do not have a web address then you will be able to register your own address through Business Edit.

Is there a minimum contract period?
Whilst we do look forward to a lifetime partnership with our clients, there is no minimum contract period and you are free to stop using Business Edit at any time.

What if we decide to cancel?
We are sure you will be happy with your Business Edit site. However you are free to cancel your Business Edit website at anytime. If you registered the address through Business Edit then it will be owned by you so you will be able to move this to another host if required. You will not be refunded for any months that you have previously paid for.

What are the benefits of Business Edit over other website providers?
We are UK Based, have a range of features and have been here a long time - constantly developing our software since 2002. 

Will there be adverts on my website?
There will be no adverts placed on your Business Edit Website.

What support is provided by Business Edit?
Technical support is fully provided by our friendly support staff.

What software do we need to install?
You do not need to install any software - Business Edit is updated via a website.

What will we have to pay to setup our website?
There are no setup fees for Business Edit. The only price is the low subscription price which includes web hosting and support. If you do want us to create a custom design for your site then we can do this - please see our prices for more information.


How long will it take to get our website up and running?
If you request a free 14 day trial website then you should usually receive the details straight away. The speed that your website can be up and running is then up to you as you will have complete control of the website through the easy to use admin interface. Some organisations have been able to get their website up and running within a day!

Will we have to pay for new features to the Business Edit software?
As part of the Business Edit solution we include free updates to our software. This means that when we add a new feature to Business Edit, your site will automatically be updated with great new enhancements.

Can we copy our existing website into Business Edit?
It is not possible to automatically bring your existing website into a new Business Edit website, but you will be able to paste your content from your website into Business Edit.


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