So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

First published on: 7th September 2021

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean
The importance of keeping your website up to date and tidy

Your website is most likely a customer's first peek at your business and where they will come to find out more about what you do. If your content is out of date and your website is messy making it harder to navigate, then people will be quick to hit ‘back’ and look elsewhere. Keeping your site fresh and updated is important for many reasons:

  • It looks professional

  • It shows that your business is active and the content is relevant.

  • It will benefit your SEO as Search Engines carry out frequent indexing and will crawl through new content.

  • Search Engines reward websites that have fresh content regularly as they know it will be a relevant site to go to when recognised details are entered into a search criteria.

  • It keeps your audience informed and will encourage them to return.


Our Design Builder is designed to be quick and easy, so maintaining your website won’t take you long at all.

Here are some ideas which you might want to use, remembering that you don’t just want to post for the sake of it but ensure the content is relevant:

  • Create a blog as this will also encourage engagement.

  • Create News pages to keep your audience in the know of current trends in your field.

  • Client Testimonials as this will be social proof of the reliability of your company.

  • Adding videos to show character and inside look at who you are and what you do.

  • Promote Events relevant to your business sector as this can be a source for traffic to your site.

  • Include your Twitter or Facebook feed into your website.

Regular website visitors feel rewarded when they see updated content and will be encouraged to return again and again.

The more active your website is, the more activity it can generate; connecting to communities and social networks - people liking, sharing your website pages whether it be news articles, services or product information. Your website is your shop window, so do get the squeegee and window lean out regularly. 

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