Using a Landing Page

First published on: 26th April 2017

Your website may have a great homepage which displays an introduction to your website along with relevant content such as latest news, upcoming events or links to key parts of your website. Generally, this homepage will be the first page that people come to when they access your website either by typing in the web address or from a search engine such as Google.

However, there may be times when you want to create a special first page for people when they visit your site. It might be you are running an course and you want people who come to that page to see something totally geared towards this.  This page is called a landing page and may look different to the rest of the site and be designed just for people looking for that particular information.

An effective landing page will just have information that is relevant to that subject. So if you created an "Course" page then the information could include a video, testimonies and general information about the next course. A well-created landing page will have buttons on what the visitor should do next. This might be to make an action such as to make contact or book onto the next course.

Landing pages would not normally be linked in your main website navigation but may be accessed directly by people typing in the website address, clicking on a link on Social Media / from an email, or from a paid for Google campaign.   

If you use Business Edit to create your website then the best way to do this is to create a new folder and set it to not show in the menu. Apply a custom template to that one folder you’ve created to contain your landing page. Your landing page would then be separate to the rest of the website and can be an attractive first page for people who want to find out more.


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