Website Creation Terms

Website Creation and Design Service Terms


We encourage clients to provide us with a clear brief of their requirements and also collate clearly any subsequent amendments. This streamlines the process. Therefore we state that each service will normally include a defined number of author’s amends (see the packages here) before final sign off.

All content (including photos/videos/audio) is to be provided by the client. These services don't include authoring content. All content is to be provided in a well ordered manner that is collated in one batch. Please ensure that all content you provide adheres to copyright law — this is your responsibility.

Once we have received a brief and received the complete content for the website from you, the process normally takes between 8-12 weeks, dependent on the scale of project and your responsiveness to our work. Once you’ve placed your order we will let you know a timescale of project.  Sometimes we can't start work immediately and will try and notify you of the expected delays, before the work starts and we take a brief from you.

Once you receive the initial proposal (whether an example site / or design), we state that our work on the website needs to be completed within 3 months. Where the project over-runs, as a result of a client not responding in a reasonable timeframe, the project will be considered ‘completed’ and we may need to charge additional fees to 're-open' the project. If you envisage you currently would have difficulty working to these timeframes, please let us know at the start of the process, and we can re-schedule the design work for a more convenient time. 

The website creation packages define the number of pages that we will create on the website for you. This relates to the number of pages within the Edit software. However, 'Infinity scroll' pages where multiple content sections appear within one scroll would be considered differently. Each content section would be defined as a page. As a 'rule of thumb' we consider the word count of a page to be normally 400 words.

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